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Conductive threadIt's so electric.

Conductive Thread is exactly what it sounds like. It's a creative way to connect various electronic components on to ‘soft circuits'. Being more malleable than your typical wire, conductive thread provides a familiar and reliable solution for all your fashion technology projects.

Conductive Thread

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Normally, conductive thread is purchased in large spools of over 150 yards. Instead of paying for a large amount of unused thread, we're divying up the spool and passing on the savings to you.

This conductive thread is all you need for your simple fashion technology projects. For best results, use traces less than 30 cm (12 inches).

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Manufacturer: Shieldex Conductive Thread - 117/17 2ply
Resistance: 75-85ohm/foot (when stretched/sewn) 1.2 -1.8K loose
Best Results: Use traces less than 30 cm

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  • Touchscreen Gloves with Conductive Thread

    It only took a few minutes to sew the conductive thread on and it works just as described.
    More importantly my leather gloves still look great.

    ~ Jason Ng

Make your own custom touchscreen gloves in 5 minutes.

Let's cut to the chase, you're here for just one thing. Purchase our conductive thread and follow this tutorial to make your own iPhone gloves. You'll be back to texting in the freezing cold before you can say "ohms"!

Touchscreen Glove Tutorial